Giving hand to wife or expenses for wife

What can I do if there is a disagreement with my wife for the sake of world peace?

Here are some tips for you to always say yes to your wife because she is your life partner. I don't think you are your best friend. Always say yes to your wife.
A different thing that doesn't want anything. After two days, tell him at the time that I told you that I want to do it, but I can't do it because of my inconvenience. He will be sympathetic to you even if he expresses his sincere sorrow.
You have taught me to control my anger. My husband does not give me any money for my expenses. My son used to give judgment. I used to fight and get it now. Sure.
Be polite but be skillful The technique of collecting money from husband and if I have to tell you the easiest way to collect money from husband in the world and if you understand then you will pay money if your husband fights in a weak place where there is no profit but in mind He will give you money if you need it very much and will appreciate you.
The husband gets a job with a good salary. He lives a good life and spends all his money on his family but the husband is not satisfied with his wife, especially in view of his income. The lady is always in trouble.
If gold jewelry is more important to the wife of honest courage, then the dignity of the wife will never be lost. Pray for her. Bring the command center and explain to her that maybe her attitude may change.

Whether it is the expenses for the Dhaka family or not, it is your wife's money to run the family according to the Islamic Sharia. The man is responsible for carrying all the expenses of the woman who has brought you married.
And why would you take the ironing money to run your family? The widow didn't tell you the truth that your family would run on her father's money. The student will think that it is our favorite thing to remember that for a man who does not want to spend his wife's family on his wife's property, you have to keep the money for you.