Marriage without the consent of parents:

I like a boy. He is a good and educated man. He has always given me courage to stand by my side in danger. Meanwhile, my parents are everything to me. Doesn't want to hurt them. After telling his parents about it, they didn't say anything. What will I do if they don't agree?

The desire not to hurt the parents is commendable. Because experience has shown that most of the children who have married their fathers with difficulty have left a huge gap in their married life. Although they got married of their own free will, it is seen after marriage that for some reason or another, instability, misunderstanding, misunderstanding, unrest ensues.

So what should be done to get the blessings and blessings of parents.

And the boy belongs to a good and educated family. Features are well talked about. There is room to think about this. When someone likes it, his qualities are only visible, not his fault. If there is a fault, it does not seem too big. The qualities are obvious.

After marriage, when the beloved man takes off his colored glasses and sees the real man. The boy is well known. All sorts of inquiries should be made with the family and a reliable third party, not with one's own words.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to see beautiful things that can be liked by anyone. It is a misconception that you have to get married if you like. It is also necessary to see if there is enough. Setau should see how reasonable it is to decide to get married.

In the light of optical theory, one should give importance to one's own choice as well as the choice of one's parents. In this case, one's decision should be the final decision. There are always some misunderstandings.

Of course, parents often agree for two reasons, but in the end they do not neglect, so now they are happy to be happy.

You have lost your temper when you hear sweet words about beautiful looks. Today's boys and girls say many sweet things before marriage.

Many university girls nowadays claim to be one of the five in the city. If he finds a good person, he excludes him, if not, he marries him. At a young age everything sounds so good to the ears that many realities escape the eye.