Decision of Marriage:

In fact, getting married is the right of every man and woman. And if they do not want to get married, their parents cannot force them to get married. Now he is no more. It is not possible to force marriage. My parents may say that I will marry by force. But parents should not be so foolish as to force them to marry. It is a stress, as if the child were willing to marry. It is not possible to force someone to marry without their own will.

Now there are many measures to protect women's rights in our country. So don't panic. Explain to mom and dad why you don't want to get married now. If the reason is connected then your parents must understand.

And because if there is a weakness towards a classmate, he needs to be given time to get established then get married then neither of the parents will agree.

No parent should agree. Because a boy can get married at the age of 40 but if a girl has to wait until a classmate is established, then what is the guarantee that she will be attracted to someone else when she is 40 years old.

Then the suffering will be the mother and father

So why not get married, it must be clear to yourself and there must be a reasonable reason. I like someone else and that is why I will not get married now, it is uncertain.

 There are also cases where a girl has waited for her son to study with her own money, then the one who has created a good position by studying has got good results and has married a girl.

You wouldn't be so stupid if there was a real reason I'm studying now that I want to create my own identity it's a different matter but don't delay in getting married by waiting for a boy.