Adopting a girl after giving birth to a daughter: Marriage Solution Bd

My daughter is 4 months old. And my husband wanted the boy to have no feeling of love for his daughter. I have said a lot that he is your child, feel him. But now I understand that it is not possible to feel that way. How can he take the girl as his own?

In fact, the main problem is in you. You are telling your husband over and over again that it is your child. But now you understand that it is not possible to create such a feeling. The main problem is but you are creating it.

Because there are many things that need not be understood. There are many things that do not have to be removed.

It is clear from your words that your daughter may have realized that she had a son more than her father but that hope is not fulfilled and her father does not like her. Couldn't take him in because you don't think he's just right in your mind.
And what do you mean by my daughter? Isn't he your husband's child? By saying these things that your child is not feeling, you are creating distance. Some may ask for a son and some may ask for a daughter. That is the reality. Your question is how will your husband adopt you and the child?

 But if you have not done it, then how is it nurtured for six and a half years? What makes you one or the other.
One thing to keep in mind is that it is not right to expect the same emotions from everyone. Take your child as much as you tell your husband. There is information that you will make the child smaller. Leave the child. Leave the husband like a child.

You do your duty with sincerity. The father will one day realize for himself how much he loves the child. Leave it at that. And please never talk about it.

Because talking about the feeling that you can't bring yourself to realize that you will always pay attention to what you want.

Bring your husband to the command center. Put the baby in his lap and let him feel it but don't make such contact beta level usually while awake. Do it at alpha level from time to time and the message will enter the heart. You can convert the problem into a solution.