I saw a good boy in time and got married in a good place but after marriage I realized that he was actually greedy for my father's money. I used to come home every night. I tried a lot to convince him but to no avail. He can't stand me. I love him after all.
The registry has nothing to do with advising the husband to love even after all this. It is a matter of your marital passion where if the husband is in the wife's market, the husband is lucky. You can talk to people and see their advice.
My husband said he would take me away soon after 9 days of marriage but after staying in their house for long eight months I found out that they were married before and they had a lot of false information in India. I have talked to many people about divorce papers. Everyone says what should I do now?
In fact, talk to your parents about what they think is good and do what you think is right. Take the liberty of judging your own judgment. Think for yourself what you will do because life is yours and there are things where you think. It is not possible to understand the situation by listening to you, so you should not say anything about it.

I have been divorced recently. When I go to my neighbour's house, I first ask why I am divorced and have no children. What is the answer?

He may not say why he was divorced. He simply said that he was not lucky. In some cases, he is safe. That is, he has nothing.
If that is the case, is it possible for a healthy marital relationship to return to normal?

When a man wants to get back to a healthy marriage, it is possible because the relationship was once there. It is common for both husband and wife to reminisce about their Rangpur usage.
The joy of the relationship and the accident then do not remember. Bring the husband or wife of the common center. Remind the happy memories of your relationship. Keep doing this regularly. You will see that change is coming.

I have been married for almost four years. We have both been suffering from abuse of my husband since the marriage of government officials. At one point he was taken for counseling.
It is not possible for people to use me day after day because of the reason I have to do it. I have explained a lot to him. I have meditated a lot but nothing is happening. Why do I have to endure the humiliation of breaking up the family.