Physical and mental abuse of the wife

Today I have been living in the family for 32 years. I have been beaten by my husband for the slightest reason.

The unjust and erroneous attitude towards women is the inevitable result of the greatest ignorance of family life.

In a family that is built around men and women, the head of the family is the woman, but the heart of the family is the women because the family is the woman, but in the beginning it is wrong.
In other words, even if the most annoying and difficult work of the family is done day after day, any insult can be understood. A woman can bear the oppression of her husband, but if one member of the family oppresses another, there can be no peace. Because in such a place of family, after working all day, chatting with friends, club party, even after all these things, the so-called modern people have to go back there.
It would never have happened if you could have created your own identity.

Parents, your family, your personality, girls in your society, the guardianship of the father until the crisis of identity, the guardianship of the husband after marriage, the guardianship of the son after the death of the husband, and the woman is always subordinate to someone else.
After the arrival of the husband's family, he has to forget his patriarchal identity, etc. All the two men and women are bound by mutual understanding and cooperation agreement through ignorant marriage. There is no need to be insulted if you can hold your own identity creator there, then you could not create your own identity. Freelancing to create your own identity at this age.

Is there no difference between rich and poor, educated and uneducated, in beating a wife because of family grief?
The disgrace behind all the sorrows and pains in family life is the beginning of an attempt to humiliate a woman.

 There is an unconventional rhyme about this in rural Bengal. Even if the next girl is married, you are gone and even if you are frozen, you are gone. Then he gave more rhyming poems.
That's our rhyme here, but the American tradition is that we think only women are disrespected in our country. In America, 48 lakh 80 thousand women are being brutally beaten by their husbands or boyfriends every year.

The number is 1.2 million and it is a beating report in the police report. The incident was not reported to the police. Violence against women in Bangladesh has increased manifold due to the aggression of drugs and virtual viruses.
Of course, it is not only women who wear it all the time, but sometimes men are also less in number.

 I then came to the astrologer alone and said that his life was in danger. He said that his wife had caught him and beaten him.

 I went and said that the police did not take the report.
In this case, our statement is that there can never be peace in the house where the wife is beaten, regardless of whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated. The well-being of family members, especially children, is not possible there or as much as we can get out of inhumanity.

The relationship with my husband is not going well. I can't accept so much suffering by blabbering on. What can I do?
In fact, there is suffering in every life. The reality is that there is no life in the world without suffering. The suffering of one person is different in one place. Maybe there is suffering like Jibanananda. If you are intelligent, you will get the amount of happiness. Understanding the suffering is not something that is very interesting.

Why do you take a heavy burden like a fool and happiness is never straightforward. Happiness is so light inside someone hopes so accept the joy and reject the pain.
There are two ways for you to end a relationship. If you want to end a relationship, it's a different matter and you don't want to end it.

 Then don't take anything that hurts you, just take a little bit of happiness because if you didn't have some happiness, you wouldn't be able to make a family for five years, 10 years and 20 years.

Our problem is when we lose patience someone loses a little too soon but family life cannot break that relationship.
Where there is no such opportunity again if it is thought the relationship should be severed. That too must be decided quickly.

But if you want to break the relationship, you will talk to the family and decide.