Context: working wife

We both work as husband and wife. My husband doesn't want me. I am in a better position than him in the job.

The problem here is not your husband because he didn't say anything. You understand the hubby. Now you will understand why your husband can't talk.
I know what the problem is. You love your husband. You love him even when he is a bigger official than you see. There is no difference in your behavior. Your husband will start respecting you. The problem is you are thinking about yourself and imagine the problems.



In the case of family peace, the big economic issue is do you have to take financial responsibility for the job you have created?
The rules of Islam are very clear in this regard. The husband of Islam marries her with all the responsibilities of supporting his wife. According to Sharia, the husband is obliged to pay for it. Will not force.
However, if the wife wants to spend on the family, it is different. Many of us do not know that Islam has given so many rights to the wife nowadays.

But they don't know that religion is not a fixed responsibility for a man and for another man it is a very humiliating family.

If this trend does not seem to be enough for maintenance, after a while, maybe there will be husbands like housewives who will cook at home and take care of the boys and girls.

 I have tidied up the house. She will be waiting for him to come from outside. Now the jewelry is brought to the husband's house during the wedding and then he will bring it home.

Aren't the daughters of well-to-do families working now and depriving their husbands and children of time?
Normally co-working women and husbands and children may not give time but give less time.

In this case, if the husband and wife cooperate with the government in giving time to the family, then the other members will be affected and it must be remembered that it is very difficult to make the career and family complete together.
If my wife is highly educated, earning more and is allotted a prasad house, she is indifferent to me and very arbitrary. What is the solution to this unrest in the family?

According to your commentary, your wife is above you in three ways, so accept her leadership and become a house husband.

If one goes ahead, where is the fault in accepting his leadership? In fact, in one's family case, one has to accept it.