Third party about husband and wife

Although there are similarities between the husband and wife on most of the issues, there are some similarities but the relationship is worst when the wife's parents and sisters sniff about these issues.

A third person sniffing about husband and wife means there is nothing to harm. Because the involvement of a third person is the basis of this husband-wife relationship. That is, the foundation of mutual trust and confidence is shaky.
If we stay together, there may be differences of opinion. If these are minor issues then it is wise to be flexible. For example, if your wife says that you should keep the holiday idea like this, then you should accept it even if you don't like it. But when a big issue is raised in a dispute like my wife said you can do something wrong. Then there is no difference like him, then the difference in consciousness cannot be discounted in the matter of consciousness but it is better to give discount in the matter of minor matters.

And when it comes to talking about these things, talk directly and it should be as soon as possible before the ministry of negative emotions is off-the-shelf with the sweetness of simply thinking about who and where the pot is.

And while speaking directly applies to any relationship, not just to husband and wife, and speaking directly to any relationship, not just to husband and wife.

First of all, in these cases, the situation and attitude should be very clear, then it is not possible to go to the father's house in anger with the husband.
When you do this the problem will increase but not decrease. As a husband you can be told that you are responsible for why you create small reasons for which the wife leaves.

The mother-in-law's complaint that she is not looking for her son-in-law will not be given by Allah.

And is it ignorance that they are in danger that the son-in-law should always be like you? Maybe you should give it to them because they are not their mentors. You have nothing to do with them. Don't talk to me as long as your wife is angry. Whatever I want to do, I have to do it. If I don't have a wife from my house, judge if I have done anything wrong.

Now your responsibility is to give him to me.

As a husband, it is not at all honorable for you that your wife is angry at your father's house while you are there. Bring the wife today.