Marital discord: Reason is very small

Wife gets very angry when I forget marriage day, but does that mean I forget wife?

Isn't it normal to forget marriage day? Is it very important to remember the wedding day?

Don't remember emergency information?

It may be normal for marriage to swell if you have had many marriages, but you should keep in mind when you have a marriage.
You have to remember that love means just understanding the emotions. What makes you feel good about someone you love, you have to do it consciously.

What you don’t realize is that Marriage Day is an emotional place for your wife.
The day you became your wife's life partner, that day is her favorite. It shows how much he loves you. Feel the emotion in the pouring rain. It is not difficult to remember one day of the year sincerely.

 But wish him well on this day. Give him a little more time if you have the opportunity, you will see that you are getting a lot of emotional support through pain.
My husband doesn't treat you well, he's comfortable talking to other women about anything.

 Didn't work after knowing a lot?

 What should I do?


Failure is yours. An innate quality of every woman is that you can understand whether her husband will be attracted to her or not.

If you want your husband to treat you well and be attentive, then you have to understand how to do it.
Then he will feel comfortable with you in all matters.


My husband doesn't want to give me freedom in any work, it degrades my relationship with him and sometimes my brain goes to gamma level. This situation is going on at the moment, it hinders me from working.

Always remember that freedom does not want to be given to anyone, freedom has to be achieved.

Applies talent and strategy with qualifications. For this, sometimes ability, sometimes knowledge, sometimes strategy, sometimes wisdom, these intellects are needed.

To this day no one has gained independence but has become more dependent.

Because nothing good was achieved in the hot head. Meditate regularly. Keep a cool head. Then you can understand the opportunity and do the work of your choice.
If the wife says to the husband, how can you keep the mood right after the very uncultured words?


Not being able to keep the mood right means you presented another proof in favor of your wife's words, in fact you will lose if you get angry. And if you get angry in front of the mirror and lose, put a sticker on it, then the chances of getting in a bad mood will decrease.
My wife often falls asleep without praying Esha. He does not want to accept that I called him at night to pray. This is often the case for discussion. Note that what to do when the child falls asleep to sleep?



Very easy to do. You will put the baby to sleep. Your wife will then pray. In fact, the reality must be understood. If someone says he was not called the day after the call, then his fatigue is easily understood.
You need to make arrangements so that he can pray without being angry with her.

 It will be seen then, so you can pray and you are not angry. In general, we always want to blame others. But most of the time I don't try to help the other party to avoid making mistakes. But if I could do that, I would see how beautiful and peaceful life can be.
My husband did not wipe my shoes on my lap despite my request when I entered the house.

 Or what to do in this case?

Just to wipe the carpet. If you do not do that, then the right of Paposh has not been realized?

Of course the mirror will look for him when he passes by expecting it. The mirror hook is that anyone will look back at her as she passes by.

He can never be a good person if he uses harsh language.

Can never be righteous. Because righteousness is the true religion. Pray for your husband for this.