Wife's authority: The role of the wife in the work of the family

Is it right for a wife to control everything in the world, including money?

Or is it right to dominate the husband?

If it is a matter of house or worldly matter, every man should leave this authority in the hands of his wife.

Then you will be free from many worries and will be able to focus on your professional improvement. You have to think about how to market today, give more oil in cooking or give more salt.
If you want to do this authority, it means to bring about unrest.

What the family actually means is giving and taking. You have to give concessions in some matters.

And wise men make concessions first. For example, when buying a wife's sari, many husbands say take it, take it. Why not let the wife decide which one to buy. He can give you an opinion if he wants, but the decision is his.

In this case, the wife should be happy with you.
In fact, in all matters, a leader should always be right. When you tell your wife on the first day that you are the leader in any matter of the house.

And on the outside, naturally, if you like me as a leader, I'm willing to take responsibility. That is, if you give him the right first, he will give you the right.

And in family life, the responsibility of the house can be given to a wife. If you let him decide independently, then you will be happy.
Because everyone should have their own area. Where he can work independently, he will have mental satisfaction, mental development will happen and you will be at peace.

And never think of your wife as a slave or an employee, always think of her as a comrade, ally and friend.

Then his affection for you will come from within. There is a big difference between being a wife and being a fan.

The wife often has to lie for technical reasons. Is it okay?

There should be no technical reason for the wife to lie. That is, one should not do anything for which one has to lie.

Neither technical nor general should be the main consideration in this case, because he is not unjust.

When many wives want their husbands to give money to their parents and want to see them frequently, then the husband should be happy. Because it is their duty to help the parents to find out, but the wife does not like to go so it is uncomfortable to inform her.

In this case, there is no obstacle for the boy to perform his duties on the way to or from the office without informing him.
The wife is not watching him all the time, but if the wife has the mentality of spying, it is better to tell the truth to her.

There is a difference between hiding the fear that there will be unrest if the wife knows it, and lying to cover up the wrongdoing. The first can be done for a special reason, but the second is not justifiable at all.