Returning to the husband's house is very important

No matter how big the business or the official, what is the minimum number of hours a day for a husband or father to return home after finishing an urgent conversation with a partner or friend?

It is very difficult to say. It depends on the type of work. It may be for work, business or organizational needs. That is, there is a difference between being out for work and being out just to hang out.
And you must not be out to hang out. Of course, many husbands do not go home and just sit outside. They actually make fatal mistakes. Mistakes later bring a storm of unrest into their lives. Therefore, we have to be careful about this.
You may not be able to accept when a person already has a relationship.

In fact, these thoughts should be done before marriage, what you are doing now after marriage is a crime. You are depriving your husband of his rights.

You are not hurting him, you are hurting yourself. The sooner you can forget the past and start a new life, the better for you. And whether you stay with your husband is your decision.

Understandably, if it weren't for your husband's weakness, you wouldn't have felt that he was hurting me.

Therefore, when the marriage is over, start a new love with the husband.


I am separated from my husband. I love him a lot. But he does not want to take any responsibility from me.

What do I do now?
Marriage is not just a matter of love. The very cruel truth is that it is a matter of necessity that he does not want to take your responsibility, which means he is not responsible. How do you get to him?


According to Islam, marriage means that husbands will take responsibility, that is, a man is proposing and a woman is getting married when she consents.
That is, who has to look at each issue in terms of your own situation.

That's what you can do.