Family Relationships: Husband and wife

How can a man make his family happy?

What kind of relationship should a husband and wife have in the family?

Outside of the marital relationship, that is, out of the physical relationship between husband and wife, if a husband treats his wife like his own daughter.

Can see and if a wife can see her husband as her son then there can be no more problems.

Because we forgive many faults of the daughter but I can't forgive if the wife does the same fault. If I can forgive my daughter, why can't I forgive my wife?

If you can forgive the boy, why can't you forgive the boy's father?

If you think like this, you will see that you are a truly happy family.
My problem with my wife is the lack of understanding. She doesn't understand me. And does not want to understand. He selectively does the things I dislike.

When it comes to saying something about this, there is a quarrel. As a result, I am in a very emotional conflict.

This is what we always want your wife to understand.

Before I understand them, I will understand that we cannot hold this view, that is, the view of compassion.
If you could be sympathetic to your wife, if you wanted to understand why she always does things you don't like, there would be no distance.

This conflict could never have happened if you had selfless love and giving attitude towards him. Because the power of selfless love is that which awakens the good simple power in the other party.

And this is possible only when you can separate the person from his behavior. So try to understand by looking at the wife in the eyes of compassionate love, see if it will touch her.
Then you will get a reward that you never imagined. When love is unconditional from both sides, then that joy cannot be achieved by any argument. Bullying, whipping cannot be canceled.

My wife is not obeying me. I did not find peace with my wife.

What should I do?
The wife is not your servant, she is your life partner.

There is no need to force him. Talk to your wife tenderly, as she gladly does.

Because everyone listens to compassionate words, but if you think that you will make him do things the way you do with the employee, then you will be wrong.
And nowadays, if the employee does not speak well, the employee also does not work. Always remember that the respect of the wife is your respect.