Marriage Miscellaneous 2

I am the only child of my parents. I am an industrialist. I am working as a country manager of Bangladesh in a foreign firm after higher education from London.

But I do not do any bad deeds. Everyone says that I am a decent and elegant woman. I am still twenty-seven years old. I am not getting married yet. What can I say about this except writing destiny and destiny?
In fact, a man marries a woman and you are working as the country manager of the foreign neighborhood maker Bangladesh after higher education with the best responsibility of supporting him. You have to be brave to marry sugar. Since you do not need maintenance, you take responsibility for one. Then you will see that the marriage is over. In fact you have to think real.
In most cases our marriage is not what we think it would have been if we had been lucky. This is because most of the movie heroes here have to be so beautiful and so manly to find the hero, but first see if marriage is not a movie like the heroine of the movie.

When it comes to marriage proposal, many people say not now but later, but when you are late, a good position for you to do a master's degree is a job, then no one below you or at the same level will want to marry you.

The reality is that most men want to be able to do two minutes. So you have to understand that when it comes to marriage proposal, not agreeing, the answer is that time passes. Then if the age is 30 matching then it will be difficult to get married as per the choice because even a 40 year old boy will think of marrying a 20 to 22 year old girl.

Therefore, make a decision in time.
I have loved a girl for eight years. My parents do not like her as a daughter-in-law because the girl's complexion is black. Although well-educated, I am the only child of my parents.
If you are the only son of the clan, you will do whatever you say. You just have to apply a little bit of strategy.

And the light of the black world is called Black Diamond the most in the world.

In fact, it is not a difficult thing to explain to parents if you are a boy if you know how to collect from parents.
Sit on your parents' feet. Eight years later, if you say that your parents do not agree, it is not right.

Due to the small number of children nowadays there are many benefits. There were not so many benefits before.

Because now there were many boys and girls. Even if one dies, there are five or seven more. Today's parents have no way of saying this, but they will marry the father.
Marriage media wants 6000 plus from me. They have a lot of good boy profiles. If they give me money, they will tell me about a good boy. I don't understand what I should do.

We pray that you can make the right decision. In fact, you need to be aware of the misinformation in marriage business.

My popularity would not have been good for me when the BNP leader was talking about marriage for a good reason but I have a hard time telling the boy that I had a relationship with him for five years and his family is pressuring me to get married elsewhere but I can't accept anyone else.

It is difficult to get married to someone who does not match the very simple consciousness of doing and it is just a matter of time to forget. It takes a little longer to tell girls because girls think marriage is their life and boys think life is joy.

The reason why boys can easily say that at that time it seems that I will not live without him is forgotten after a while.

The reality is that the world does not stop for anyone and no one's life stops for anyone. It is good that you realized before marriage that marriage would not be good for you, so give thanks and start life anew. There will be blessings for all of you.