If not married?

I'm not married. Nato will be an obstacle in the way of my abundance?

Does abundance or success have anything to do with marriage?

Abundance has nothing to do with marriage. People have been successful without getting married. People have been successful without getting married.

Michael H. Hart has written a book about the 100 best people of all time.
Marriage in the world has not created any obstacle in the way of their success, in the way of abundance, in the way of contribution, in the way of knowledge, in the way of research.

Again, those who are married have been successful. The problem is when I regret that I don't know how much would have happened if I hadn't got married.

Alas after getting married again aha! It would have been better not to get married.

How independent I was! Now we have to listen to another person again.

Where are you going to go out? If there is regret then it is different.
A man can regret even if he gets married and a man can regret without getting married. It is a matter of one's point of view. Getting married or not is not a condition for success.

But if there is any regret for not getting married, then it is better to get married than to live with regret.

If biology is not the main thing for someone, they want to devote themselves to building enlightened people and have no mental desire or interest in marriage. In this case, is it reasonable to get married just for the sake of circumcision?

Biological needs are not important to you in the case of marriage, but whoever you marry has biological needs. In that case, it is wrong for you to get married. Again, not only if the biological needs are met, but also if you can't see if you can be the parent of the child, then you have to inform the spouse before marriage.

Even then, if the other party agrees, it is very good, but it would be a crime to marry secretly even after knowing that you can never be a parent.
You ruined the life of another person, not just yourself. Getting married without interest means hurting a lot of people.

Because marriage is not a matter of one person but of another.

Marriage in the interest of enlightening oneself is unreasonable.