Not getting married

After the divorce, everyone in my family wants me to have a second marriage.

Good relationships come but not in the end. That is why my family is angry with me. At present my mental condition is not good. Can you tell me how to get rid of it?


Family members are usually very cruel in this case

Gives the girl's neck. Makes her life more unbearable.

The amount of his turmoil increases even more.

In fact, you can not change the attitude of the family. You change the attitude of your heart. Do not indulge in frustration.

You have become negative by listening to the surroundings.

Don't indulge in negative words.

You see the picture. Prepare yourself for a second marriage, prepare.

If you look like a frustrated woman, who would want to marry you?

You look like you're not finished. There's life in you. When you can give this feeling to the person who will come to get married, it will definitely get married.

That's what I'm looking for!

You have to prepare yourself in that way.

For the last two years I have done everything I can to get married, but seeing that I am not getting married yet, it seems again and again that I must have committed a sin which is not fulfilling my desires?
In fact, not being married is not a sin for you, just as an accident in one's life is not the cause of one's sin.

Moreover you are doing as much as you need to do. When your wish is not being fulfilled, you have to remember that your wish is not fulfilled at this time. When he thinks that the time has come to fulfill your desire, he will surely fulfill it.

In the case of my daughters' marriage, when there are proposals from many places, the girl judges her family a lot. The boy's flaws continue to come out. Thus, when the age is over, the pot is no longer available.

Therefore, we have to make a decision all the time. When the age has passed, we want to give a lot of discounts, but if you give a lot of discounts, it will not work.

We sympathize and pray for you for your marriage as you wish.