Life partner:

Why not choose another graduate as a graduate's life partner or partner because in that case his thinking is consistent with seeking and receiving consciousness.

It may be that there is a lot going on these days, even after the marriage talks are over, maybe one party is requesting that since their spouse is a graduate, it is better if the other party's candidate is a graduate.
Then it became known that the couple is a graduate and they also wanted it

And a graduate should have the conviction and personality that after marriage he or she can motivate his or her spouse to do the graduation.
If you want to have a life partner, you must first learn whether you have the qualities to be suitable as well as whether you need a life partner. Then if you are a boy then you have to send a proposal to the parents and if it is a girl then keep looking at the mind picture.
Can there be any difficulty in marriage if both of them are not graduates?

If he is a graduate, there is a matter of compromise. Of course, if he is a sincere and active graduate, then if he does not face social problems, then even if he is a graduate, he may not have a happy family. Again not a graduate but one can be happy with her in social and cultural spheres and not have any difficulty in inspiring her after marriage.
In that case, you can also unite the members of the in-laws.