Denmohar or Kabinah:

If you are a man, you have to pay with the dowry, the best council can be in many ways with valuable things. It could be with money or on the other hand if someone thinks that it is worth two and a half lakh rupees.

Just like I once found an old big plate 400 to 500 years ago in a copper and bronze shop in Tantibazar.
Instead of twenty-seven stars above the twelve signs, 26 stars he has folded it, that is, he will confuse. But when I asked the price, I realized that I was attracted to it. I also said 300 rupees.

Now if I sell it to Mawla then the price is the same and if I give it to the museum then it is the same to me.
If we give it to foreign collectors, its price is different. I can't sell it for one lakh rupees, I can sell it for 2 lakh rupees, I can't do it again.

So if the other party thinks that you can pay for the payment of the commemorative unemployed denomination but not cheating and forgiving most of the husbands.
The wife can't even leave him so he said well I forgave him. But it will not be forgiven. It will remain as your debt until you are released from this debt.

Therefore, it is best to pay and fix the stamp duty. If you are a woman and love your husband very much.

Say give me what you can. This is my two and a half lakh rupees for now and if the wife sees that the husband cannot afford it. This is another reason for her to worry.
Don't deprive her of it and do as much as you have, as one of our member candidates is saying, I can't afford to pay Rs 45,000 again. I won't go to the living room until I get married, my wife is very happy. It is important that the seal of Denmohar should not be oppressed. It should always be according to one's ability.