Contextual dowry:

During the marriage, the groom is given various furniture and electronic items by the bride's family. Do these fall under the dowry?

Of course. Because the bride's parents are not joking. They are giving as dowry. Forcing under the pressure of the so-called rules of the conventional society, such as B.After marriage, girls do not have to listen to the in-laws.

But no self-respecting boy should accept the so-called gift of furniture which is the name of the dowry.
Instead, the wife should be told, "I don't have a bed. If you can stay on the floor with me, you can come, and if you think a bed will come from my father's house, you can sleep there. I will sleep on the floor myself." That is masculinity. The cowardly Ludu is nothing but spineless.
What is the way to free yourself and other family from dowry

The way is very easy not to take your own dowry and not to give dowry in marriage. If we can all do this from our own position, then one day the obscene word will be removed from the society forever.

If one's parents marry him for dowry and according to them he will get it back.
Since the marriage, he has been at loggerheads with his wife as he is the guardian and influential of the girl. He had to fight over whether to give advice to a spineless coward.

You have to think about it first, how can a man say that his parents got married for dowry. The parents did it and you did it. The father-in-law was afraid. If you don't get along with your wife at home, you will have a family. You have become the father of a child and now you want to get married for the second time.
In today's society where girls are not forced to marry you have been married. Your whole statement about a spineless man can change your attitude before you.