The cost of marriage: vs. the right attitude

The recent marriage in my relatives' circle has been very pompous. With this, the situation is such that it is mandatory for a wedding to have multiple expensive events and cost competitions. But we do not have the financial means. So should we suffer from inferiority complex?

There is nothing left to suffer from your inferiority complex; Rather, those who are involved in such waste should suffer from inferiority complex.

Because marriage is a simple, normal event in life. It is nothing but suicide to express. The cost of thinking of a normal event as skyrocketing, the wastefulness of the pomp is only a waste.

In a marriage where there is a lot of extravagance, the amount of happiness is usually less.

In fact, the most important thing in life is to feed, entertain and meet the biological needs of the consumerist aggressors for their own business interests.
He used to promote marriage as the most important thing to meet biological needs. The video has been identified as a huge fiction for using media. Mete was the first to compete for marriage.
Marriage management firms are built so that you can spend a lot. They have no equal in giving advice on how much can be wasted in a marriage. Spending a lot of money for a single marriage. In addition to organizing multiple events, shopping for clothes and ornaments is a tribute to money. Debt is the reason why many and many families fall into misery due to debt while going to this marriage forum.

Nowadays, diamonds are a new addition to wedding expenses. Diamonds are meant to imply in multinational businesses with this kind of national advertising forever, marriage is not complete without diamonds and perpetuates the diamond bond. However, the reality is that marriage is an essential part of marriage in the affluent western society since the fifties. The rate of divorce is higher at this time than at any other time.
Astrology research shows that in 95% of cases, the effect of diamonds in marriage is impossible, and the explanation is that each stone has a product quality that affects a person's psyche.
The attitude of mutual cooperation and sympathy and compromise is essential for a dream to have a negative effect on it.

In fact, marriage is a common and normal event through which the fulfillment of the biological needs of men and women is accepted by all. In order to glorify it, it is foolish to get drunk on multiple costly events and costly competition.