Engagement- The Perfect engage with mates:

I respect everyone’s opinion. But my personal opinion on this is that engagement is a completely meaningless matter. It rather increases more tension. You said to the boy and girl, you will get married. Meanwhile, he hung up the matter and gave a boundary - so far it is possible to socialize. This is oppression on them.

Again, there is no guarantee that this engagement will last until marriage. We know that many engagements have been broken. So the girl should not be kept at home after Akad. The husband should be sent home. That is logical. Maybe no one will go into the engagement. This engagement has no religious or legal basis.
Somewhere in the wedding ceremony or seven, nine, even eleven. In fact, the more a nation spends, the greater the wrath of God. So do not waste. That money will be spent on so many events. Let the children think about the future. They do something they need to do.
Our idea of ​​marriage is very clear. Try to follow one thing in particular about the formality of marriage, that is, do not give gifts, do not take gifts.

You will go to the wedding party with joy, you will come with heartfelt prayers. We don't like gifts, we don't like giving. Because the social gift shown to one's own people is also a kind of oppression on people.