Marriage: Responsibility of parents

Especially if the parents of the girl go where the boys go after marriage, if you can't explain it to your daughter, then what else can I explain?

If he can commit suicide from an early age and his parents can give him a well-formed picture of him, then the chances of making such a mistake are very low.

If the mind has a picture in front of the boy or girl, then publish it. It is not possible for him to get married on time. These are done by those who have no goal or stage in life.

If you can develop as an enlightened person then there is nothing to suggest separately about choosing a life partner.

He did not develop the right direction in life.

You don't have to talk about marriage and on the other hand you can understand that it has made him a unique person.

Then it is much better for us to think emotionally but it does not mean that the mind is suffering. But even after a good relationship and wanting to get married, it should be taken away. For this he has to endure insults.

Fourteen years ago, the Messenger of God gave women the right to property. Now there is no point in crying every night. Talent and qualifications come in handy in the work that creates that identity. Serve on such proposals. Don't forget to picture your mind.