Confusion in Marriage:

A first class government official. But given the current social situation, he is afraid to get married. If he cannot meet all the needs of his wife or has to be corrupt, then it is not possible for him to be corrupt, then how can that problem be solved?

The wife should not be imagined to have much higher demand at 10 percent

With few exceptions, if the girls are sure that he loves her, the husband is immersed in her affection. 90 percent of such searches. It does not want anything every day

A lot of times they talk a lot about wanting it, wanting it, wanting to say in between that she loves him.

Therefore, since you do not want to be corrupt, surely Allah wants the best for you, so He must cooperate.

As an adopted daughter, she is very scared and tense. Will any boy marry her after hearing about it?

You are lucky. Even though you are not their own child, they have raised you like their own child, so tell the one who is going to marry everything openly, what is hidden is that the one who will come to get married will know very well that you are nurtured.

Rather you have become the jewel in the eyes of these parents, there has been a family who have adopted you. They cared no less for you than they cared for your child.

 You couldn't come here if you did less.

I will thank you. "Thank you God, sir, where your family has helped me to come." Always feel happy about it, cherish the feeling of gratitude as if I had to benefit, that is, everything is the same as before.

Accept yourself in an easy way. Never marry someone by hiding the truth.

Because it will be known, so tell the truth in advance. The one who will marry you will know everything and will be happy to see you first.