The Image Which Create Stories!

When it comes to marriage, one should always check the fact of the bride or groom to find out how reasonable it is. In this case, you should never dream like a blind person.

Because marriage is a matter of physical, mental, family and social harmony, understanding and balance of two people.

Wearing colorful spectacles of emotion here should not just fascinate the outward appearance or glamor.

 In the end, it only brings unrest and trouble. Therefore, before looking at the picture and making a decision, you must do enough research in reality.

In the case of marriage, we often expect something big from the other party without considering our own merits. As in the rural proverb - "Twelve rupees, the girl is big, the beautiful in it" means there must be a lot of money to be a big girl and also to be beautiful.

For a good marriage, you have to look at your own image as well as your own qualifications.

And you have to implement the picture in your mind and you have to have confidence in it.

For example, you are a young man in a middle-class family and now if you look at the picture, you will not be a worldly beauty or a powerful woman.
You need to think from your position and choose someone in your social and cultural sphere so you can make quick decisions and be happy in married life.