Bride/Groom From the Abroad:

What is your opinion about marrying a boy who lives outside the country through mutual understanding between two families?

The medium of communication is the medium of viewing the phone.

No one saw anyone in front.

In 90% of the cases, such marriages with foreign couples have been proven to be fraudulent.

The decision to get married should not be made without researching very well.

Arabic It should not be a physical thing on the phone or mobile.

Suppose I want to marry a girl who lives abroad.

But I want him to stay in my country, is it possible?


Why wouldn’t it be possible if you can’t believe yourself then how will you have to believe first.

Then your future wife will have to convince him.

And he has to make arrangements so that he can be with you and this can be in your country, that is, everything has to be done by mutual agreement.

If you do something angry spring or if it is made for the purpose of protecting the mind of the bride or your future wife, then your interest is not achieved and in that case you deviate from your own being. You should always be wise without disturbing you Must be the focus all the time.