Turning Relation into Marriage-Is it Right or Wrong?

Love or love marriage can never be said to be the main obstacle to success. What we like is for student life. Because when your parents send you to university or college, they are sending you not for love but for knowledge. The mind does not sit at the reading table.
As a result, you are suffering from love disease in the name of feeling good.

That means nothing feels good without him anymore. Thinking about you all the time. Not getting involved in such a way is detrimental to your main goal of studying.
Orange marriage - our view is very clear.

The big thing is the choice of boy or girl being the most important.

This is the first point. The second point is that the social and cultural spheres must be equal.

The girl wears a burqa or the boy is a playwright.If the social status of the two is equal, they will want the girl to take off the burqa after marriage because of the different cultural environment.

Going here, the girl will not be able to adapt normally.

And it is also a misconception that if we go together for a while, we can recognize each other.
What is a love relationship? Just a relationship to appreciate to make one another happy.

There is no liability in this relationship. You stay in a hotel for six months, eat in a good restaurant and see if you can recognize it.
That relationship is what a girl is. If it weren't for that, European-American marriages wouldn't have broken up even after so much dating.

In our country too a large part of love marriages fail and break up. Because a love relationship is to oil each other.
Marriage is a matter of mutual responsibility and it is about life. Love means Fuchsia fast food shop. But after marriage you have to make feet. Then the problem begins. I think he used to talk nicely before marriage. Now I see him talking with threats. Isn't breakfast ready yet?
Diameter unrest begins. Because no one can really recognize anyone until they are facing responsibility.

In Europe and America, before marriage, all the sugar is gone, but their divorce rate is 60 percent.
Therefore, in case of marriage, you will always give priority to your sixth sense.

Ask Antar how Sylhet will be for me. And some adjustments have to be made.

60% or 70% match is a lot.

Intuition will give priority to wisdom about marriage. You will avoid making mistakes.
Parents' opinions on choices are important. But we do not believe that parents will decide everything on their own because it is your responsibility to take care of your family.

The simple formula for marriage is that everyone has some positive and negative points. If you are a girl, note the positive and negative points of the boy and see what are some of your positive and negative points.

See how many matches there are.
If 60/70 percent match, it is better not to be so picky about the rest.

It would be wise to accept that. The reason for marriage is the whole adjustment of marriage.

Adjustments will be relatively easy if opinions and thoughts are similar.