Matchmaking-The Scenario Of Bonding

Is it forbidden to make love to students? Is it possible to become a master's student in a public university if you want to have a relationship with a girl for the purpose of marriage?

Since it can be very difficult to find a suitable bride after a few years.

You have just done Masters. How old will you be? Twenty-two, twenty-four. You will not be eligible to get married after more than 45 years i.e. 28 to 30 years.

It seems ridiculous to think that you have been in love since you were a student for fear of not getting married.

And the real thing is to build yourself as a successful person when you will never lack a bride.

Finding a bride will not be a problem.

There is no shortage of brides, there will be no shortage of people to take self.

And the fact is that many girls are not getting married now, because men do not want to take responsibility. After getting married, I went around a little, ate and drank a little, did this, went home and lived like myself.

So leave the worries of the train as a student and when the time comes for marriage, find a girl with the mindset of taking responsibility and you will get a suitable candidate.

The question arises that it is not possible to marry a good girl without love. What can be done if one should have a relationship with someone before marriage?

You haven't been to Beltala yet but you think so. Girl or boy is good or bad it is understood not before marriage. All lipstick smiles before marriage.

When all the girls fall in love before marriage, they think of themselves as heroines and all the boys think of themselves as movie heroes.

Whoever likes it thinks that the hero or heroine is gone.

Everyone feels very good before marriage.

After marriage, it is understood that her true form is found.

And there is no second time in the world of idiots like him who thinks that it is not possible to marry a good girl without love.

Because in love there is no chance to understand who is good and who is bad.

When people fall in love, they become blind.

If you would be happy with love, then in Europe-America, if you don't just love, you get married after dating, then the marriage doesn't last.

Even in our country, ninety percent of the love marriages are unrest.

Which girl did you propose to but she refused? How can you persuade her to marry?

We are wrong here. You have to accept that you have proposed marriage to someone and you have the right to refuse as much as I have the right to propose.

Since he has rejected you, you should gladly wish him a better marriage.