Relationship Dishonesty or Failed to Cope Up:

I loved a girl. She is married. Why can't I think of a girl other than her, I cry all day and it hurts a lot. Sometimes it seems that I don't go crazy thinking about the girl again.

It is a disease of age. You can be sure that you will never go crazy with it. The girl is married - that's normal and true. He was probably your classmate. When will you be established, when will he marry you?

She chose to live a secure life by marrying someone more established than her.

 Because every girl wants an established husband.

And anyone can feel good. Now if you really like him then pray for him, may he be happy. Because love is the name of giving but not the name of receiving love.

 I sacrificed my life for such and such - this is love, this is love.

What we do is I want such and such. If I don't get such and such, I will not live. Even if you had true love for such and such, you would still pray for him after marriage. The easy way is you don't try to forget him. Whenever you think of him, pray for his well-being and try to do something good. When it comes to crying, cry.

Take things in stride and try not focused too much on the problem.

But don't try to forget because the more you try to forget, the more you will remember.

Your cries will gradually subside. The best thing for you is to keep yourself busy in creative work. Get busy with the foundation. You will be surprised after a few days - I cried for that girl! What a fool I was!