Relationship in the virtual World!-Right Or Wrong?

Excluding practical action, if you take action in the virtual world, you will also become virtual.

Nothing will happen in real life.

You are touring the virtual world and the Facebook company is making money.

How much time do you spend on mobile phones all day? And how much work do you do? How much work are you doing that your mind needs to do silently for the picture?

Sitting down to read, girlfriend or friend called after a long time. You're talking. Oh! How long after the call! Reading can be done later, did not talk to his girlfriend.
His girlfriend called him saying that he has no work in retirement and it is time for you to work.


You are talking to him without work. A little bit of a story. Little by little we waste the most precious time of our lives because most people do not reach the goal of the most precious time of life or the human mind.

You know the story of that factor.

Ghatak gives the description of the pot that the pot is very good but occasionally eats a little onion .... what will happen if he eats a little onion? When do you eat onions? When drinking a little wine. When do you drink alcohol?
So this little one is the most dangerous.

It spoils the pace of our lives. How is your speed lost?

 Watching movies you get lost in the world of fantasy.

Fantasy is 90% of the media, even beating the fairy tales of today's movie stories. Now movies are being made with fairy tales.

You may be lost in the world of Aladdin.

Don't work to build your life. In the world of imagination, you can't worry about real life, life-questioning.
And now the biggest time consuming TV serials and smartphones. Behind these you are silently wasting your time.

As a result, gossip, gossip, intrigue, intrigue and violence have increased in the society.

You can never succeed in the world of fantasy or imagination. The one who succeeds never indulges in fantasy.

Because to be successful, you need to work hard.


And this is what a man can do only when he remains steadfast in faith. That is, if faith and hope remain steadfast in these two, a man can work silently.

And a positive atmosphere is needed to keep this faith and hope alive. Because there are more negative people in general around us. There are more vindictive, jealous and pessimistic people who want to be themselves in that fantasy world and keep us. In real life they do not want to go into direct action. Meditation is the best way to always be in practical action. Immersion in meditation will inspire you in practical action.