Children's education: It is necessary

If a five- or six-year-old child does not want to eat and drink properly, is there any reason for the mother to kill him or teach him?

No, there is no argument but you can use a strategy to feed the girl. You can sit in front of the girl and look at her and say ok. You don't eat, I eat. Saying this, one Lokma will give it to your face, then another Lokma mother.
It may be that he is interested in eating, he will snatch food from you and start eating. Because he has skills and when he sees food, he gets more hungry.

In other words, you have to understand that not everything happens by killing because many children have fun by annoying their mother. This is an excuse for her to get close to me because even though she is small, she understands that if she eats like Bhola Bhola, then her mother will finish feeding her and will be busy with another task.
But if you don't play, you will be able to keep your mother's attention till then and there is no benefit in killing while reading. So you have to give him a dream, a focus. If he has to create interest in reading then he will want to read by himself.

My daughter is 21 months old. His aversion to food. Health is fairly good. If you don't want to eat after feeding him, the police will come and cut you off if you don't want to eat.
And if you eat well, it will give you funny gifts. Is it okay?

Not at all. Ghosts are mama again How not to make ghosts mama. Going to scare the girl will eventually show that you have started to get scared yourself seeing the condition of the baby. Never frighten the child, inspire.
We think unnecessarily about food, we don't hold a standard, we think the child should be fed this amount. Then everyone eats a lot differently but not much more than that. Again, many people gain weight by drinking water. Therefore, it is not important to eat, it is important what kind of allergies the child has, how much the child runs around. Is the child healthy or not? If I can afford the illness, I drink tea, thank you Alhamdulillah.
And don't bother to eat too much. Today's kids don't want to eat that. A reason for that in the contemporary context. When we were little, there was no family with less than eight to twelve siblings, but then there was no problem with food, but there was no combination of delicious baby food like now. Then there would be no problem because many brothers and sisters would eat one if they did not play.
And the mothers did not have to run after food because the family of 25 had a lot more work to do to keep them busy. But now maybe a mother with two children has no more work. So the mother and the child understand that everything is with them except for keeping one or the other in check. My mother will be with me till I eat. There is a chance of her emotional blackmail. So don't insist on food but leave it and eat it or not eat it. You will see that if you feel hungry, you will eat like this.
Moreover in these cases our suggestion is very easy to bring the child to the command center. Explain.

The best baby will give autosuggestion while touching the head while sleeping. You are very good, eat as soon as you give food.

You sleep as deeply as you can, math, you can do very well, that is, you will keep saying things that will develop his intellect, because when a child goes to sleep, he is at alpha level for some time, his ears and brain are awake, so the good messages you give then enter.
These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

But in reality, don't say it at such a level and don't apply pressure for it. Then he will be interested in the subject you are talking about and gradually the positive programs will continue to go in his love.