How can children be taught to be disciplined?

Parents need to be disciplined before teaching their children to be disciplined. Because the mother says that the child does not do it there, so if the child sees from an early age that the house is tidy and will learn to tidy things. The shoes were kept in the house like this, but if he was a father, you would have entered the house.
My mother as a father does not want to understand that the child lies to us if I ever understand that he lied. We get angry but when we lie to the child we may think he doesn't understand. But what he really doesn't understand is he understands and he doesn't catch it. That's exactly what it means to say that the child usually follows what you see him doing.
There is a story of a famous European about this. Husband and wife with their two children and the whole father is an old father because of the age of the family. The old father cannot move properly. His hands and feet are trembling all the time. The water is flowing.

The daughter-in-law is very upset with her father-in-law's behavior. She is sitting at a table with her father-in-law.
That is why until his death, the old father used to sit at that table and eat, and he could not eat with his grandchildren. And whatever his daughter-in-law used, he just stared into her eyes.

His gaze said how much it hurt him not to be able to eat with his grandchildren at a table but his son's wife did not have the courage to say it openly.
In other words, they will learn to deal with the children or in front of them, and they will do the same. Do not abuse the child because the memory of the abuse, but they remember that the memory of suffering is longer than the joy.

To discipline his child, Mahbub needs to be disciplined. When you can be your child's role model, he can surpass you.
And if you are not good as a role model, then the child is bad. You will be surpassed and the present generation is much more mature than us.