Helpless to parents-children

We have to give whatever we want to the children, we have to accept everything they say. What will we do in this case in case of a beautiful relationship with the child?

The problem is actually the child-related edge view of the child and my relationship now gives a requisite if we simply say what. The other one supplies, that is, the requisition that the parents supply, that is, the relationship with the child when the state of solidarity is not limited.
I can explain the future of the children. Why can't the girls of today be integrated with their work because the child is getting a view from the surroundings that you have given birth but the responsibility is yours. You have to pay as if your parents committed a crime by birth.

In many more cases, the parents are responsible for the attitude. The madrasa has not only informed him from childhood to make him a habit of getting what he wants from God.
Karan's parents may have thought, give it for it. Calm down but the demand for what has actually happened is increasing day by day because when a person gets everything easily there is no more satisfaction.

He didn't learn to come and get used to it when he got time to come. He did not have any feelings towards his parents. He has to get out of this situation. The child needs attention.
He has to be given quality time. You have a dream with him that you want him to do the things that you have not been able to do in your life, that is, the things that you are unable to do.

Travel with the child to places you or you visit.
If there is an opportunity, take the child to all such places. You will have a relationship with the child and the child will naturally be inspired by you, will be close to you, will love you, will trust you, will trust you.
At the same time, we have to raise the child as a part of the family. Our present parents are forced to raise the child as a part of the family. Due to various extra-curricular activities like education, today's children spend some time with their family. Napasa has no work. The father does not allow them to do it.
What is the consequence of Mahbub Ara giving a separate room to the child in the argument that the child will develop an independent personality again?

Shares and disconnections further diminish his connection with family members. The chances of being immoral increase because a young person from Kishoreganj is 99 per cent likely to see or do something that is not appropriate when he closes the door of the room and is busy with the internet on the smartphone computer inside.
But in our time we may have slept with three or four people in one eye. The quarrel between us was like a hug and we grew up. We have felt the family as part of the family but nowadays children do not feel for the family and ask for siblings because to feel that is the minimum need to meet. That is not happening because of having separate rooms.
In other words, it is not important to give the child a separate room. Keep in touch with work, then the child will be able to participate in the family meaningfully. The people of the city will be the family is becoming a real asset for the society and the country.
Number two is that if the child doesn't listen, we get really upset about it. Because we will listen to my own child in the distance. Then our relationship becomes annoying. Whenever you get upset, you can't explain it to him anymore.