Challenging with a four-month-old baby

The challenging task should be done. If the four-month-old child is not challenging, then he will take a whole child in his lap and meditate while caressing the child. Because caressing is an instinctive way for every mother. It is necessary to take the child of meditation in their lap and they will mention it with a little hand in hand.
In order to reach that state, we have to come to the state of meditation with the incidental preparations that most of the calm child prefers without disturbing the attention, that is, the child will sit where he is standing. It will stand there and eat it by itself. If so, keep some of the farm's chickens with food.
Do everything there, it will not bother you.

But if the baby is not a parrot, he will be a naughty baby

The more naughty a child is, the more intelligent he will be. The brain will be sharpened to find out the rules to manage him. Just don't bother, enjoy it and take it as a fun game. Well then what will the child do because even if you are a mother or a father you do not understand what the child is trying to say then you have to understand that it is not up to you to borrow the child.
If it is not rant, then the children will not be able to be the first.

Adjust it with the music of meditation and you will see that you are not getting bored but enjoying.

I saw a writer with a child sitting on his shoulder and he wrote. There is no strength and someone is holding the child with the other hand.

If it falls off the card, it will hurt. I asked her if she was sitting on the kids pulling her hair and you were leaving. You can give a solution depending on the situation. You have solved it very nicely.