Friendship with the child

The 14-year-old girl did not meet the school president. Is it okay to be alone in class, not to talk to anyone, not to make friends?

If you don't make friends, you should have a normal relationship with good readers because if you don't, you will see that he is falling apart once in a while. This can disrupt his own chances so he has to get out of such a thoughtful decision and try to understand why he made such a decision by talking to him openly and cooperating with him as needed.
The boys are always busy with their studies. They come to the school coaching private school and close the door. They just sit together while eating. I don't see how I can give them time.

The fact that he is always busy or busy with his studies is an exaggeration and imbalance is one-sided but harmful.
If you are thinking of getting GPA 5 in your boys and girls class exams but you are not thinking about how to do it in life exams then what will happen then life exams will be delayed. You will see in real life that the songs in this book are of no use outside of a certain boundary. And you will be blamed for the future.

Like that girl who can write khichuri cooking method but can't cook cooking method has no written benefit if it can be cooked.

And these are the parents who come home and close the door and read again, failing to raise their children as part of the family. That is why if you do not invite him for any work in the world, if you do not give him a chance to meet the guests, it will be a loss of education and once he is separated from his family, he will no longer feel this family as his own.
Then they use the outside world as their own. They think that parents are making a doll out of real life to raise their children first in the class. Come out from the wrong view like everyone else. The first important thing in the class but more importantly for life is to make them proficient in different aspects of life, to give them various responsibilities in the world, then he will become proficient and will be successful in the true sense.