Thank you very much for being our esteemed customer. Marriage Solution BD is always committed to providing advanced services. We sincerely believe that honesty, transparency and accountability are at the core of a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship between Marriage Solutions BD and customers. With that belief in mind, some important terms of Marriage Solution BD are presented below for the convenience of customers to know and understand.

Terms & Condition

  1. The service delivery time of Marriage Solution BD is from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.
  2. Without the guardian, the work is not done only under the supervision of the spouse.
  3. At the time of customer registration, the customer's biodata and his / her presentable 3 copies of 4R photo and photocopy of national identity card should be submitted to the office.
  4. It is forbidden to give any kind of misinformation to each other. You will bear the responsibility for the wrong information. Marriage Solution BD can never be blamed in that case.
  5. The total registration fee has to be paid at the time of registration and the registration fee is non-refundable. If any part of the registration fee is due due to any financial problem of the customer, it has to be paid within maximum 7 days from the date of registration and only one person will be provided service against that registration, service will not be coordinated with any other customer.
  6. Marriage Solution BD will provide a maximum of 1 (one) year service for you after depositing the fee against the said registration.
  7. Cash, bKash, bank account-pay check and payment can be made online. The work of marriage of orphans and helpless people is supported free of cost in Marriage Solution BD.
  8. Customer support is required for the presence of a representative of Marriage Solutions BD at the ceremony.
  9. It is requested that a representative appointed by the Marriage Solution BD be present at any event / discussion between the two parties from the time of becoming a member of the Marriage Solution BD till the marriage is consummated or to inform the organization of all the information in due course.
  10. Before finalizing the date and time of the wedding, both parties have to take responsibility for finding out about the bride / groom.
  11. After the couple chooses each other, the parents have to make a decision as soon as possible with the consent of both the parties through sincerity through communication.
  12. If a member is already acquainted with each other after the meeting and arranges the marriage without informing us, then the member must pay all the money due to Marriage Solution BD.
  13. If the marriage is settled by their own efforts or by any other means, the Marriage Solution BD should be informed immediately.
  14. Both the parties will discuss all the issues including debts, finalizing the day and date of Mohrana and will decide on their own responsibility. If needed, Marriage Solution BD will assist you as much as possible.
  15. At the time of customer registration, the account-pay check of marriage fee money has to be submitted in advance. The marriage fee has to be paid as soon as the marriage is final.
  16. Any other expenses or gift items other than the member fee / marriage fee will be at your own risk.
  17. We must try to be present at all the events of the marriage organization such as bug-donation, gaye halud, biye, walima etc. It is the duty of the marriage solution BD to make it a success and we must provide the opportunity for the institutional promotion of the marriage solution BD.
  18. As a proof of the success of the marriage organized through Marriage Solution BD, the customer should not have any objection in promoting the various social media and online sites of the organization such as pictures, videos etc.
  19. The company will continue its activities in accordance with the appropriate rules. No pressure can be exerted on the company to provide services or marriage.
  20. Violation of any of the conditions mentioned will force the Marriage Solution BD to take recourse to the law through its own lawyer. THE COOPERATION OF PARENTS AND SPOUSES IS DESIRABLE TO PERFORM THE GOOD WORK
  21. Birth, death, marriage are in the hands of God Almighty, try us, the decision is yours. After all our efforts, it is your responsibility to accept whatever the outcome may be. Please refrain from abusing any customer, representatives of the organization. The rest of your life is the best time of your life.
  22. Give your signature voluntarily, consciously, in a healthy mind, without any objection and peacefully reading the terms and conditions, knowing all the issues.